Romanesque Database

RomanesqueIn 2010, the Index of Christian Art acquired a collection of nearly 6,000 slides of medieval art and architecture from an anonymous Swiss donor. The collection comprises the joint work of two travelers, who first met in 1957, and lived in the German part of Switzerland to raise their family. After some time, the desire to study Romanesque art and life and improve on their photographic skills led the couple to take more trips throughout Europe. It is due to these travels during the last few decades of the twentieth century that this unique and comprehensive photographic record of European monuments was formed.


The collection covers the geographic range of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands, and the images are identified by country and site.


The Index of Christian holds the copyright to the images and has made them available for both personal research and publication. Send requests to Fiona: to obtain high resolution files. When requesting images please cite exact location and the image number found under properties.


The slides were scanned in the Index of Christian Art, edited and entered by Michael Clifford. The Index is pleased to make this resource freely available and acknowledges the help we received from Christine Ruegg and Janet Marquardt.

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