Country: England
Site: London
Owner: British Library
Manuscript Number: Add. 36684
Subject: Skeleton

Book of Hours (Hours of Saint-Omer), 1320-1330, fol. 142v

This book of hours is divided between London and New York, Morgan Library, M.754.

London, British Museum, Guide to the Manuscripts, Autographs, Charters, Seals, illuminations and Bindings Exhibited in the Department of Manuscripts and in the Grenville Library (1906), p. 130 no. 48

Randall, L., Margins of Gothic Manuscripts (1966) , pp. 27, 67 (fol. 48r), 73 (fol. 54v), 97 (fol. 71v), 121 (fol. 33v), 171 (fol. 33v), 200 (fol. 24v), 205 (fol. 71v), 207 (fol. 72r), 209 (fol. 71v), 210 (fol. 72r); figs. 68 (fol. 48r), 92 (fol. 54v), 466 (fol. 33v), 570 (fol. 24v), 630 (fols. 71v-72r)

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