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Database No.: 70
Name of Work: John of Thanet Panel
Country: Great Britain
Site: London: Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum
Object Type: Panel
Date: 1310 - 1320
Dimensions: h. 100cm, w. 42cm (h. 39.5in, w. 16.5in)
Subject Terms:

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Notes: This panel was possibly once part of a cope, as is indicated by the blank triangular panel at the top (where the vestigial hood would have lain). This panel is perhaps the most impressive example of 'Opus anglicanum' to have survived because of the scale of the figure.

The incomplete inscription 'JOHANNIS: DE: THANETO' referes to John of Thanet (d. 1320-1330), a monk of Canterbury Cathedral and Abbot of Nattle Abbey. It has been suggested he commissioned the vestment.