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Database No.: 93
Country: Great Britain
Site: London: Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum
Object Type: Burse
Date: 1320 - 1340
Dimensions: h. 27.7cm, w. 28.2cm (h. 11in, w. 11in)
Subject Terms:
Margaret of Antioch: Scene, transfixing Dragon
Catherine of Alexandria

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Bibliography: London, Burlington Fine Arts Club, Exhibition of English Embroidery (1905), p. 81; pl. 29

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London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Opus Anglicanum (1963), p. 37 (cat. 72)

Larson, W., "Role of Patronage and Audience in the Cults of Sts Margaret and Marina of Antioch," Gender and Holiness: Men, Women and Saints in Late Medieval Europe (2002), p. 31 and n. 44

Notes: This panel together with another piece, T.1-1940, once formed a burse.

Photo: ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London