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Database No.: 181
Name of Work: The Fetternear Banner
Country: Great Britain (Scotland)
Site: Edinburgh: Museum, National Museum
Object Type: Banner
Date: 1515 - 1522
Dimensions: h. 149.9cm, w. 80.6cm (h. 59 in., w. 31.75 in.)
Subject Terms:
Christ: of Sorrows
Heraldry, Scottish: Gavin Douglas, Bishop of Dunkeld
Heraldry, Scottish: Graham
Instruments of Passion

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Bibliography: McRoberts, Rev. D., "The Fetternear Banner," The Innes Review (1956), vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 69-86.

London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Opus Anglicanum (1963), p. 59 no. 155

Notes: The banner seems to have belonged to the Confraternity of the Holy Blood of St Giles' Collegiate Kirk, Edinburgh, a religious society whose members included King James IV.

It is the only known extant church banner from medieval Scotland. Its name comes from the fact that from the early 19th century until it came to the museum (originally on loan in 1956 and then as a donation in 1959) it was held at the house of Fetternear in Aberdeenshire.