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Database No.: 267
Name of Work: Fayrey Pall
Country: Great Britain
Site: Dunstable: Church, Priory Church
Object Type: Pall
Date: 1500-1516
Dimensions: h. 142.2cm, w. 264.2cm (h. 56 in., w. 104 in.)
Subject Terms:
John Baptist
Agnes Fayrey
Figure, Female
Figure, Male
Henry Fayrey
Heraldry, English: Butler
Heraldry, English: Company of Mercers
Heraldry, English: Company of Merchants of the Staple
Heraldry, English: Fayrey
John Fayrey
Mary Fayrey

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Bibliography: "Notes," Connoisseur, XI (1905), p. 115; fig.

London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Opus Anglicanum (1963), pp. 57-58 no. 150; pl. 24

Evans, V., Dunstable with the Priory, 1100-1550 (1994), pp. 87-89

Notes: The pall was likely commissioned by the Fayrey family, who are shown, and named, among the figures on the ends of the pall. It was originally given to the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist. John Fayrey was a member of the Mercers' Company in London; the pall was used by members of the Company.