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Database No.: 229
Country: Belgium
Site: Brussels: Museum, Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire
Object Type: Vestment, cope, orphrey
Date: 1360 - 1390
Dimensions: h. 35.6cm, w. 20.3cm (h. 14 in., w. 8 in.)
Subject Terms:
Evangelist, John: Scene, unidentified
Evangelist, John: boiled in Oil (Torture)
Evangelist, John: Conversion of Aristodemus, John requested to drink Poison
Evangelist, John: Conversion of Robber Youth, Youth consecrated Bishop
Evangelist, John: Parable, Bow and Partridge
Evangelist, John: Scene, on Patmos
Evangelist, John: Vision of Christ
Instrument, Musical: Harp

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Bibliography: Calberg, M., "Épisodes de la vie de St. Jean l'Évangéliste," Bulletin des Musées royaux d'art et d'histoire, XXVIII (1956), pp. 98-108; figs.

London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Opus Anglicanum (1963), p. 45 no. 96

Notes: Dimensions given above are for individual orphrey panels.