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Database No.: 123
Name of Work: Whalley Abbey Dalmatic
Country: Great Britain (Scotland)
Site: Glasgow: Museum, Burrell Collection
Object Type: Vestment, dalmatic
Date: c. 1415 - 1430
Dimensions: h. 231.2cm, w. 121.9cm
Subject Terms:
Virgin Mary: Infancy, Seven Steps
Plant: Strawberry

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Bibliography: London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Opus Anglicanum (1963), p. 46 (no. 102)

Glasgow, Burrell Collection (1983), p. 99; color fig. p. 99

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Notes: Remounted on imported dalmatic of Italian origin, c. 1500. Other fragments in Towneley Hall, Burnley. Bought at Christie's June 1939 from Maurice Herbert Towneley.