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Database No.: 141
Name of Work: Chasuble of Robert Thornton
Country: Great Britain
Site: London: Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum
Object Type: Vestment, chasuble
Date: 1500 - 1533
Dimensions: h. 115cm, w. 69cm
Subject Terms:
Angel, Seraph
Christ: Last Judgment

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Bibliography: London, Victoria and Albert Museum Catalogue of English Ecclesiastical Embroideries of the XIII. to XVI. Centuries (1930) , pp. 41-42 no. 41; pl. XXXVIII

Llewellyn, N., Art of Death (1991) , p. 79; fig. 59

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Notes: Image is view of front of chasuble.

Chasuble may have been cut from a pall, may have been a dalmatic, or may be a re-designed chasuble.