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Database No.: 135
Country: United States
Site: New York: Museum, Metropolitan Museum
Object Type: Vestment, orphrey
Date: 13c.
Dimensions: h. 23.5cm, w. 14.6cm (h. 9.25 in., w. 5.75 in.)
Subject Terms:
Evangelist, John
Saint, Female
Saint, Male

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Bibliography: Riggisberg, Abegg Collection, Mittelalterliche Textilien III: Stickerei bis um 1500 und figürlich gewebte Borten (2012), p. 89 in cat. 9

Notes: Photo: ©Metropolitan Museum of Art In fragment of orphrey, figure may be Evangelist John or saint. Wetter, in the catalogue cited above, suggests that the piece is Italian (Tuscany) rather than English.