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Database No.: 139
Country: France
Site: Lyons: Museum, Musée des Tissus
Object Type: Vestment, miter
Date: second half 13c. - first half 14c.
Dimensions: h. 34cm, w. 31cm (h. 13.3in, w. 12.2in)
Subject Terms:
Clara of Assisi
Clergy, Bishop

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Bibliography: Beaulieu, M., & Baylé, J., "Mitre épiscopale en France des origines à la fin du XVe siècle," Bulletin archéologique, n. s., IX (1973), pp. 70-71, 77; fig. 28

Blocher, H., Die Mitren des hohen Mittelalters (2012), pp. 79, 116, 219, 239, 272-274 cat. 52, 303; figs. 38, 67, 68, 188-191

Notes: This miter is a compilation of fragments from different periods including English, Spanish, Italian, and possibly German (infulae), embroidery. Only the four barbed quatrefoils in the lowest register, on both front and back, are opus anglicanum. From Blocher, cited above.

Photo: Lyon, musée des Tissus, © Pierre Verrier