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Adam and Eve: at Labor
Adam and Eve: commanded by God
Adam and Eve: Expulsion
Adam and Eve: Fall of Man
Adam and Eve: receiving Tasks
Adam: Creation
Aethelbert of East Anglia
Aetheldreda of Ely
Agatha of Catania
Agatha of Catania: Scene, Torture
Agnes Fayrey
Agnes of Rome
Albanus of Verulam
Alexander IV, Pope
Alpha and Omega
Amon, King of Judah
Anastasius I, Pope
Ancestors of Christ
Angel, Archangel Gabriel
Angel, Archangel Michael
Angel, Archangel Michael: transfixing Dragon
Angel, Seraph
Angel: with Censer
Animal, Fantastic
Animal, Fantastic: Centaur
Animal, Fantastic: Dragon
Animal, Fantastic: Griffin
Animal, Fantastic: Unicorn
Animal, Fantastic: Wivern
Animal: Ass
Animal: Bear
Animal: Camel
Animal: Cat
Animal: Cow
Animal: Deer
Animal: Dog
Animal: Elephant
Animal: Fox
Animal: Goat
Animal: Horse
Animal: Leopard
Animal: Lion
Animal: Pig
Animal: Rabbit
Animal: Sheep
Animal: Squirrel
Animal: Toad
Anna: Annunciation
Apollonia of Alexandria
Apostle, Andrew
Apostle, Andrew: Crucifixion (Martyrdom)
Apostle, Barnabas: Martyrdom
Apostle, Bartholomew
Apostle, Bartholomew: Martyrdom
Apostle, James
Apostle, James Major
Apostle, James Major: Martyrdom
Apostle, James Minor
Apostle, James Minor: Martyrdom
Apostle, Jude
Apostle, Jude: Martyrdom
Apostle, Matthias
Apostle, Matthias: Martyrdom
Apostle, Paul
Apostle, Paul: Conversion
Apostle, Paul: Execution (Martyrdom)
Apostle, Peter
Apostle, Peter: Crucifixion (Martyrdom)
Apostle, Peter: cutting off Ear of Malchus
Apostle, Peter: Martyrdom
Apostle, Peter: receiving Keys
Apostle, Philip
Apostle, Philip: Martyrdom
Apostle, Simon
Apostle, Simon: Martyrdom
Apostle, Thomas
Apostle, Thomas: Incredulity
Apostle, Thomas: Martyrdom
Apostles: Scene, Annunciation of Virgin's Assumption
Apostles: Scene, unidentified
Arms and Armor: Arrow
Arms and Armor: Bow
Arms and Armor: Helmet
Arms and Armor: Sword
Barbara of Nicomedia
Bird: Dove
Bird: Duck
Bird: Eagle
Bird: Goldfinch
Bird: Hawk
Bird: in Nest
Bird: Magpie
Bird: Owl
Bird: Parrot
Bird: Partridge
Bird: Peacock
Bird: Peahen
Bird: Pelican in her Piety
Bird: Pheasant
Bird: Phoenix, Resurrection
Bird: Snipe
Bird: Swan
Blasius of Sebaste: Scene, Martyrdom
Building: Castle
Building: Tent
Cain and Abel: bringing Offerings
Cain: killing Abel
Catherine of Alexandria
Catherine of Alexandria: Scene, before Maxentius
Catherine of Alexandria: Scene, Body carried to Mount Sinai
Catherine of Alexandria: Scene, Martyrdom
Catherine of Alexandria: Scene, Torture
Catherine of Alexandria: Scene, visited by Faustina
Catherine of Alexandria: Scene, visited by Porphyrius
Catherine of Alexandria: Scene, with Philosophers
Cecilia of Rome
Cecilia of Rome: Scene, Martyrdom
Christ and Four Beasts
Christ Child
Christ: among Doctors
Christ: Ascension
Christ: Baptism
Christ: bearing Cross
Christ: before Pilate
Christ: Betrayal and Arrest
Christ: crowned with Thorns
Christ: Crucifixion
Christ: Crucifixion, nailed to Cross
Christ: Deposition
Christ: Discourse to Apostles
Christ: Entombment
Christ: Entry into Jerusalem
Christ: Five Wounds
Christ: Flagellation
Christ: Flight into Egypt
Christ: Flight into Egypt, Bending of Palm Tree
Christ: Flight into Egypt, Fall of Idols
Christ: Flight into Egypt, Miracle of Cornfield
Christ: Harrowing of Hell
Christ: in Gethsemane
Christ: Last Judgment
Christ: Last Supper
Christ: Miracle of raising Lazarus
Christ: mocked
Christ: Nativity
Christ: noli me tangere
Christ: of Sorrows
Christ: on Road to Emmaus
Christ: Pietà
Christ: Presentation
Christ: Resurrection
Christ: showing Wounds
Christ: Supper at Emmaus, Disciples remaining
Christ: Transfiguration
Christ: Washing of Feet
Clara of Assisi
Clement IV, Pope
Clement of Rome
Clement of Rome: Scene, cast into Sea (Martyrdom)
Clergy, Archbishop
Clergy, Bishop
Clergy, Monk
Clergy, Pope
Clergy, Pope: Apostle Peter
Creation Scene: 1st Day
Creation Scene: 2nd Day
Creation Scene: 5th Day
Creation Scene: 6th Day
Creation Scene: God resting
Cross: rough-hewn
Cross: tau
Denis of Paris
Denis of Paris: Beheading (Martyrdom)
Diagram (Christie)
Donor, Female
Donor, Female: Joan Smyth (1)
Donor, Female: Joan Smyth (2)
Donor, Female: Katherine Stafford
Donor, Male
Donor, Male: Henry Smyth
Donor, Male: Ralph Neville
Donor, Male: Thomas Smyth
Dorothy of Cappadocia
Dunstan of Canterbury
Ebba, Abbess
Edmund of England
Edmund of England: Scene, Martyrdom
Edward the Confessor
Edward the Confessor: Scene, giving Ring to Evangelist John
Eliakim, Son of Abiud
Elizabeth of Hungary
Eric IX of Sweden
Euphemia, Saint
Evangelist, John
Evangelist, John: boiled in Oil (Torture)
Evangelist, John: Conversion of Aristodemus, John requested to drink Poison
Evangelist, John: Conversion of Robber Youth, Youth consecrated Bishop
Evangelist, John: Parable, Bow and Partridge
Evangelist, John: Scene, on Patmos
Evangelist, John: Scene, unidentified
Evangelist, John: Vision of Christ
Evangelist, Matthew
Evangelist, Matthew: Martyrdom
Evangelist, Symbol
Evangelist: Symbol, John
Evangelist: Symbol, Luke
Evangelist: Symbol, Mark
Evangelist: Symbol, Matthew
Eve: Creation
Eve: suckling Infant
Fabian of Rome: Scene, Martyrdom
Fides of Agen
Figure, Female
Figure, Male
Figure, Male: Executioner
Fish, Fantastic: Mermaid
Fish, Fantastic: Merman
Flower: Columbine
Flower: Forget-me-not
Flower: Rose
Francis of Assisi
Full view
George of Cappadocia
George of Cappadocia: Scene, Martyrdom
George of Cappadocia: slaying Dragon
God, Hand
Gregory the Great
Grim the Chaplain
Headgear, winged
Helena, Empress
Hell Mouth
Henry Fayrey
Heraldry, Brabantine
Heraldry, Brabantine: Brabant and Limbourg
Heraldry, Brabantine: Diest
Heraldry, Brabantine: John II of Brabant and Limbourg
Heraldry, Decorated: Bear
Heraldry, Decorated: Dragon
Heraldry, Decorated: Eagle
Heraldry, Decorated: Fleur-de-lis
Heraldry, Decorated: Golden Fleece, Collar
Heraldry, Decorated: Griffin
Heraldry, Decorated: Lion
Heraldry, Decorated: Pomegranate
Heraldry, Decorated: Portcullis
Heraldry, Decorated: Rose
Heraldry, Decorated: Vestment
Heraldry, Decorated: Wivern
Heraldry, English
Heraldry, English: Albemarle
Heraldry, English: Arundel
Heraldry, English: Bardolf
Heraldry, English: Beauchamp of Warwick
Heraldry, English: Bigod
Heraldry, English: Bohun of Hereford
Heraldry, English: Boteler and L'Estrange
Heraldry, English: Butler
Heraldry, English: City of London
Heraldry, English: Clare
Heraldry, English: Clinton
Heraldry, English: Company of Brewers
Heraldry, English: Company of Fishmongers
Heraldry, English: Company of Ironmongers
Heraldry, English: Company of Mercers
Heraldry, English: Company of Merchant Taylors
Heraldry, English: Company of Merchants of the Staple
Heraldry, English: Company of Parish Clerks
Heraldry, English: Company of Saddlers
Heraldry, English: Company of Vintners
Heraldry, English: De Vere
Heraldry, English: Despenser
Heraldry, English: Edward the Confessor
Heraldry, English: England
Heraldry, English: Erpingham
Heraldry, English: Fayrey
Heraldry, English: Fitz Walter
Heraldry, English: Grandisson
Heraldry, English: Gurney
Heraldry, English: Hastings
Heraldry, English: Howard
Heraldry, English: Husee
Heraldry, English: Leuknor
Heraldry, English: Leybourne
Heraldry, English: Molintune
Heraldry, English: Montacute
Heraldry, English: Monthermer
Heraldry, English: Morton
Heraldry, English: Neville, Earl of Salisbury
Heraldry, English: Newburgh
Heraldry, English: Plantagenet
Heraldry, English: Rivers
Heraldry, English: Say
Heraldry, English: Scrope
Heraldry, English: Stafford
Heraldry, English: Tiptoft
Heraldry, English: Vesci
Heraldry, English: Warenne
Heraldry, English: Woodstock
Heraldry, French
Heraldry, French: Burgundy
Heraldry, French: Luxembourg
Heraldry, Saint: George of Cappadocia
Heraldry, Scottish: Gavin Douglas, Bishop of Dunkeld
Heraldry, Scottish: Graham
Heraldry, Spanish
Heraldry, Spanish: Castile-Léon
Heraldry, Swiss
Hilary, Pope
Hippolytus the Jailer: Scene, Martyrdom
Holy Ghost
Holy Women: at Sepulcher
Hybrid Man
Hybrid Woman
Innocent IV, Pope
Innocents: Massacre
Instrument, Liturgical: Monstrance
Instrument, Musical
Instrument, Musical: Bagpipe
Instrument, Musical: Cymbala
Instrument, Musical: Drum
Instrument, Musical: Harp
Instrument, Musical: Lute
Instrument, Musical: Organ, Portative
Instrument, Musical: Pipe and Tabor
Instrument, Musical: Psaltery
Instrument, Musical: Rebec
Instrument, Musical: Trumpet
Instrument, Musical: Viol
Instrument, Musical: Violin
Instrument, Musical: Wind Instrument
Instruments of Passion
Jehoram, King of Judah
Jesse: Tree
Joachim and Anna: at Golden Gate
Joachim and Anna: Marriage
Joachim and Anna: Scene, at Home
Joachim: Annunciation
Joachim: Offerings rejected
John Baptist
John Baptist: Beheading
John Baptist: Burial
John Baptist: Head on Charger
John Fayrey
John I, Pope: Scene, Martyrdom
Joseph the Carpenter
Joseph the Carpenter: Dream I
Jotham, King of Judah
Judas: receiving Silver
Katherine Stafford
Lamb of God
Lawrence of Rome
Lawrence of Rome: Scene, before Valerian
Lawrence of Rome: Scene, Martyrdom
Leo I the Great
Leodegarius of Autun: Scene, Martyrdom
Longinus of Jerusalem
Longinus the Soldier
Lucius I, Pope
Lucy of Syracuse: Scene, Martyrdom
Magi: Adoration
Magi: before Herod the Great
Magi: Dream
Magi: Journey
Manasseh, King of Judah
Marcellus I, Pope: Scene, Martyrdom
Margaret of Antioch
Margaret of Antioch: Scene, before Olybrius
Margaret of Antioch: Scene, emerging from Dragon
Margaret of Antioch: Scene, Martyrdom
Margaret of Antioch: Scene, met by Olybrius
Margaret of Antioch: Scene, overcoming Devil
Margaret of Antioch: Scene, Soul borne to Heaven
Margaret of Antioch: Scene, thrown into Prison
Margaret of Antioch: Scene, Torture
Margaret of Antioch: Scene, transfixing Dragon
Margaret of Antioch: Scene, with Dragon
Martin of Tours: dividing Cloak
Martin of Tours: Scene, healing Leper
Mary Fayrey
Mary Magdalen
Mary of Egypt
Mask: Animal
Monogram: Individual Form, Jesus Christ
Monogram: Individual Form, Robert Thornton
Monogram: Individual Form, Virgin Mary
Nicholas of Myra
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, aiding Dowerless Maidens
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, Consecration as Bishop
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, destroying Idols
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, Diana's Oil, Oil on Water
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, Diana's Oil, Pilgrims proffered Oil
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, exorcising Devil
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, Golden Cup, Boy falling into Water
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, Golden Cup, Boy's Father presenting Cup
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, Golden Cup, Nicholas restoring Boy to Parents
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, healing Blind Man
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, Jew's Statue, Flogging of Statue
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, Obsequies
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, raising Strangled Boy
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, receiving Instruction
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, refusing Milk
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, rescuing Child from evil surroundings
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, stilling Storm
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, Three Princes, Nicholas receiving Thanks
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, Three Youths rescued from Barrel
Nicholas of Myra: Scene, unidentified
Noah: Building of Ark
Olaf II of Norway
Olybrius of Antioch
Orant: Christ
Orant: Virgin Mary
Pagan Type: Green Man
Personification: Death
Personification: Soul
Personification: Soul, borne to Heaven
Peter the Deacon
Philosophers of Alexandria: Scene, Martyrdom
Pilate: washing Hands
Plant: Barley
Plant: Grapevine
Plant: Pomegranate
Plant: Strawberry
Plant: Thorn
Pope Sixtus II
Prince of Priests
Ralph Neville
Rebus: Glove
Resurrection of Dead
Saint, Female
Saint, Male
Saul of Tarsus
Scene, Occupational: Spinning
Shepherds: Annunciation
Sixtus II, Pope
Stephen I, Pope: Scene, Martyrdom
Stephen Protomartyr
Stephen Protomartyr: Stoning (Martyrdom)
Sylvester of Rome
Tables of Law
Thomas à Becket
Thomas à Becket: murdered before High Altar (Martyrdom)
Thomas à Becket: Scene, as Chancellor to Henry II
Thomas à Becket: Scene, before Pope Alexander III
Thomas à Becket: Scene, Consecration
Thomas à Becket: Scene, Departure from Northampton
Thomas à Becket: Scene, reconciled with King
Thomas à Becket: Scene, returning to England
Tiburtius of Rome, II
Tree of Life
Trinity: Mercy Seat
Urban IV, Pope
Utensil: Axe
Utensil: Carpenter's Square
Utensil: Compass
Utensil: Mirror
Utensil: Scissors
Utensil: Walker
Valerian of Rome
Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary and Christ Child
Virgin Mary and Christ Child: Type, standing Child
Virgin Mary and Christ Child: Type, Suckling
Virgin Mary: Annunciation
Virgin Mary: Annunciation of Death
Virgin Mary: Assumption
Virgin Mary: Birth
Virgin Mary: borne to Burial
Virgin Mary: Coronation
Virgin Mary: Death
Virgin Mary: doubted by Joseph
Virgin Mary: Espousal
Virgin Mary: giving Girdle to Thomas
Virgin Mary: Infancy, Instruction
Virgin Mary: Infancy, Seven Steps
Virgin Mary: Life in Temple
Virgin Mary: Presentation
Virgin Mary: Soul held by Christ
Virgin Mary: Visitation
Viventius of Vergy