Country: Italy
Site: Milan: Biblioteca Ambrosiana
Millet Number: 1.M398.2
Manuscript Number: F. 205
Folio Number: 5v
Subject: Pagan Type: Achilles
Date: 3c. - 5c.

Ceriani, A., Homeri Iliadis pictae fragmenta ambrosiana (1905); passim; figs.

Weitzmann, K., Roll and Codex (1947), pp. 42 ff., et passim; figs. 32-34, 159, 160, 168, 176 (see Weitzmann for further Bibliography, n. 7)

Woodruff, H., "Physiologus of Bern," Art Bulletin, XII (1930), p. 236; figs. 21, 23 p. 236

Illustration for Pict. V; Likely the earliest Iliad codex in existence, although fragmentary and containing 58 miniatures, lacking illustrations to Books XVIII, XIX, and XX.

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