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Bruère-Allichamps: Church, Abbaye de Noirlac
Interior View
beginning 1150
Interior, nave, view from west

Sintra: Palace
Ornament: decorated
Wall tiles
First built in 15th century

Innsbruck: Church, Hofkirche
Philip the Good
1508 - 1532
Commissioned at the beginning of the 16th century by Emperor Maximilian I for his tomb, consisting of 40 larger than life-size statues of his ancestors, the statuettes of 100 Saints of the house of Hapsburg as well as 34 busts of the Roman Emperors.

Sintra: Palace
Interior View
Room of King Sebastian
First built in 15th century

United States
Glendale (CA): Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Clergy, Bishop
c. 1265 - 1275
Stained Glass before 1700 in American Collections: Midwestern and Western States (Corpus Vitrearum Checklist III), p. 50.

United States
New York: Museum, Metropolitan Museum, Cloisters
Christ: Harrowing of Hell
c. 1390
Accession Number: 1986.285.7

On right: Christ: Presentation (1986.285.3)

Two of seven scenes from the private chapel of the Ebriechsdorf Castle.

Made in Lower Austria.

The Cloisters Collection, 1986.

Animal: Bull
Detail, facade, domestic architecture

Great Britain
London: Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum
c. 1210 - 1245
Museum number: 6D-1881

Figure of a King with both arms extended sideways.

Champagne-Ardenne, France (possibly)

This panel depicting an Old Testament king, and nine others in the museum's collections (Mus.nos. 5-5E-1881 and 6-6C-1881), formed part of different 'Jesse Tree' windows. It was believed that this panel came from the Sainte Chapelle in Paris. This chapel was restored in the 19th century and some of the medieval windows were removed. Also possibly Troyes Cathedral.

Barcelona: Museum, Museo de Arte de Cataluña
Apostle, Matthias
c. 1360
painted by Serra Brothers Workshop

Scene, Liturgical: Celebration of Mass
At Monastery of St. Martin of Tibaes, near Braga

Le Mans: Cathedral, St.-Julien
Innocent of Le Mans: Scene
c. 1254
Detail, triforium, south side, Life of St. Innocent Window

Marmagne: Museum, Musée de l'Abbaye Fontenay
Ornament: floreate
Saint Bernard et le monde cistercien: no. 158, p. 254

Freiburg: Museum, Augustinermuseum
Evangelist, John
c. 1300
originally in the Dominican church in Freiburg
Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi, Deutschland, II. 2, Die Mittelalterlichen Glasmalereien in Freiburg im Breisgau: p.561
Inv. Nr. 168/M, 68/M, 84/M

United States
Bryn Athyn: Museum, Glencairn Museum
Malchus of Ephesus
This is from the nave of Rouen cathedral.

References: Michael Cothren in Stained Glass before 1700 in American Collections: Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern Seaboard States (Corpus Vitrearum Checklist II), Studies in the History of Art vol. 23, Monograph Series I (Washington DC: 1987) p. 110 (ill.); idem, "The Seven Sleepers and the Seven Kneelers: Prolegomena to a Study of the 'Belles Verrieres' of the Cathedral of Rouen," Gesta 25/2 (1996) pp. 203-26, fig. 8 on p.210 (panel 14).

New York, Metropolitan Museum, Radiance and Reflection: Raymond Pitcairn Collection, pp. 149-152

Great Britain
Stanton Harcourt: Church, Michael
Figure, Male

Great Britain
Cambridge: Chapel, King’s College
Joachim and Anna: at Golden Gate
early 16c.
Window (1) also depicting Joachim: Annunciation.

Harrison, K., An Illustrated Guide to the Windows of King's College Chapel, Cambridge (1957), esp. p. 15

Wayment, H., The Windows of King's College Chapel Cambridge (1972)

Wayment, H., King's College Chapel Cambridge: The Side-Chapel Glass (1988)

Smart, C., King's College Chapel, Cambridge: The Great Windows (2005)

United States
New York: Museum, Metropolitan Museum, Cloisters
Utensil, Liturgical: Chalice
Accession Number: 47.101.30

Inscription: Inscription: (around foot rim) +AD HONOREM B(EATE) MARIE VIRGINIS .+.+ F(RATER) BERTINVS ME FECIT +.+ A(NN)O MCCXXII

Made in possibly Meuse Valley, Northern Europe.

The Cloisters Collection, 1947.

Schwerin: Museum, Staatliches Museum
Ornament: foliate
c. 1270 - 1280
from Doberan
Mittelalterliche Glasmalerei in der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik: no. 16, p.22
Inv. Nr. 6030