The Jane Hayward Database of Medieval Art

Jane HaywardThis database consists of approximately 10,000 images taken by Jane Hayward (d. 1994), curator of medieval art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although best known for her work on stained glass, Hayward had wide-ranging scholarly interests, which are reflected in this eclectic collection comprising stained glass, architecture, sculpture, painting, and other media.

In 1972, Hayward curated the exhibition, “Stained Glass Windows of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance,” the first comprehensive exhibition of the MMA’s medieval and Early Modern stained-glass holdings. Eight years later, she helped organize an exhibition titled, "Radiance and Reflection, Medieval Art from the Raymond Pitcairn Collection," opening to public view the greatest private stained-glass collection in America. In addition to contributing to other key exhibitions, such as “The Year 1200” (1970) and “Saint-Denis in the Time of Abbot Suger” (1981), Hayward helped transform the museum’s medieval glass holdings into a world-class and near-encyclopedic collection. Hayward founded the American Committee of the Corpus Vitrearum, an international group of scholars dedicated to the study of medieval and Early Modern stained glass. Among her key publications are, English and French Medieval Stained Glass in the Collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, rev. and ed. by Mary B. Shepard and Cynthia Clark, 2 vols. Corpus Vitrearum US I (London, Turnhout, and New York: Harvey Miller Publishers and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2003); “Two Grisaille Glass Panels from Saint-Denis at The Cloisters,” in The Cloisters: Studies in Honor of the Fiftieth Anniversary, ed. Elizabeth C. Parker and Mary B. Shepard (New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1992), 302-25; and “The Lost Noah Window from Poitiers,” Gesta 20 (1981): 129-39. For more on Hayward, see Marilyn Stokstad, “Jane Hayward (1918–1994): ‘Radiance and Reflection’” in Women Medievalists and the Academy, ed. Jane Chance (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2005), ch. 56; and Michael W. Cothren and Mary B. Shepard ed., “Essays on Stained Glass in Memory of Jane Hayward (1918-1994),” Gesta 37 (1998).


This image collection consists primarily of French, German, and English material, but other European countries are also represented, notably Belgium, Italy, and Portugal. The database in multimedia and incorporates objects from the Early Middle Ages to the sixteenth century.


The Index of Christian holds the copyright to the images and has made them available for both personal research and publication. Send requests to Fiona: to obtain high resolution files. When requesting images please cite exact location and the image number found under properties.


The Index of Christian Art thanks Mary Shepard for her contributions to this database. We extend our gratitude to Peter Barnet, Barbara Boehm, Michael Carter, Timothy Husband, and Charles T. Little for transferring the archive to Princeton University. Special thanks go to Meredith Lillich for her help identifying many of Hayward’s images.

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