The Christine Verzar Image Database

Christine VerzarThe Index of Christian Art is extremely grateful to Christine Verzar, Professor Emerita, Ohio State University for generously giving her extensive image collection of several thousand slides and photographs to Princeton University.

Over her long and distinguished career, Christine focused mainly on Romanesque Italy in her research and it is only natural that the greater part of this database also follows that subject. Even though a small number of images from the Czech Republic, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey are also include the preponderance of the collection is from Italy. As is the Index policy we are making this collection available to the scholarly world in advance of more thorough cataloguing within the Index proper. The data accompanying each image is at a minimum and if errors are to be found they are our fault.

Many of these images were taken some time ago and are disparate in nature and quality. The images in this database are low resolution files but larger tiff format files are available free of charge for scholarly publication.

I am not only grateful to Christine but also to Mailan Doquang, Judith Golden and Jessica Savage for assistance in the cataloguing of this database. Much of the work was undertaken by Fiona Barret and she is gratefully acknowledged for her help. Our Database Manager, Jon Niola is gratefully thanked for all his work on this resource which encompassed not only software design but also manipulating the metadata.

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