Studies in Iconography

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Visual Culture Before 1600

This annual publication transferred to its new home at the Index of Christian Art, Princeton University, in October 1999. It is one of the premier journals to deal with iconography and covers every aspect of visual culture up to 1600. Published on an annual basis, past volumes have included articles which have dealt with subjects as diverse as the parish church to recent approaches to early Christian and Byzantine art. These topics are of current interest and are, like the other studies in the journal, approached from an interdisciplinary or theoretical perspective by eminent scholars in the field. The journal also includes a number of shorter scholarly articles, on a variety of themes, written by some of the most learned students and scholars in the field. Published studies in iconography and art history are reviewed in every volume.

The most recent journal, Volume 34, Special Issue (2013)



Marius Bratsberg Hauknes- “Emblematic Narratives in the Sancta Sanctorum.”
Rebecca W. Corrie-“Sicilian Ambitions Renewed: Illuminated Manuscripts and Crusading Iconography”
Heidi C. Gearhart-“Work and prayer in the Fiery Furnace: The Three Hebrews on the Censer of Reiner in Lille and a case for Artistic Labor.”
Timothy J. Hunter-“Quid milites pugnantes”? An Early Representation of Chanson de Geste on the Romanesque Frieze of Angoulême Cathedral Re-Examined.”
Madeline H. Caviness- Giving the Middle Ages a Bad Name: Blood Punishments in the Sachsenspiegel and Town Lawbooks.


Sarit Shalev-Eyni. Jews among Christians: Hebrew Book Illumination from Lake Constance- by William Chester Jordan

Paul Hardwick-English Medieval Misericords : The Margins of Meaning- by Mailan S. Doquang

Paul Hardwick, ed. The Playful Middle Ages, Meaning of Play and Plays of Meaning, Essays in Honor of Elaine C. Block- by Mailan S. Doquang

Mati Meyer-An Obscure Portrait- by Ioli Kalavrezou

Beat Brenk, The Apse, the Image and the Icon: An Historical Perspective of the Apse as a Space for Images- by Charles Barber

Marc Michael Epstein, The Medieval Haggadah: Art, Narrative and Religious Imagination- by Ilana Tahan

Leslie Brubaker and Mary B. Cunningham, eds., The Cult of the Mother of God in Byzantium- by Maria Vassilaki

Kathryn M. Rudy, Virtual Pilgrimages in the Convent: Imagining Jerusalem in the Late Middle Ages –by Henry Luttikhuizen

Svetlana Tomekovic, Les saints eremites et moines dans la peinture murale byzantine- by Henry Maguire

Aden Kumler, Translating Truth: Ambitious Images and Religious Knowledge in Late Medieval France and England- by Kathryn Smith

Christian Forster, Die Vorhalle als Paradies: Ikonographische Studien zur Bauskulptur der ehemaligen Frauenstiftskirche in Andlau- by Michael Curschmann

Sharon E. J. Gerstel & Robert S. Nelson, eds. Approaching the Holy Mountain: Art and Liturgy at St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai- by Anthony Eastmond

Erik Inglis, Jean Fouquet and the Invention of France: Art and Nation after the Hundred Year War- by Sherry C. M. Lindquist

Eliza Garrison, Ottonian Imperial Art and Portraiture: The Artistic Patronage of Otto III and Henry II- by Henry Mayr-Harting


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