Studies in Iconography

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Visual Culture Before 1600

This annual publication transferred to its new home at the Index of Christian Art, Princeton University, in October 1999. It is one of the premier journals to deal with iconography and covers every aspect of visual culture up to 1600. Published on an annual basis, past volumes have included articles which have dealt with subjects as diverse as the parish church to recent approaches to early Christian and Byzantine art. These topics are of current interest and are, like the other studies in the journal, approached from an interdisciplinary or theoretical perspective by eminent scholars in the field. The journal also includes a number of shorter scholarly articles, on a variety of themes, written by some of the most learned students and scholars in the field. Published studies in iconography and art history are reviewed in every volume.

The most recent journal, Volume 35, (2014)



Daniel McCarthy-The Illustration and Text on the Book of Kells, Folio 114rv.
Anastasia Drandaki-A Maniera greca: Content, Context, and Transformation of a Term.
Michele Bacci-Veneto-Byzantine “Hybrids”: Towards a Reassessment.
Charles Barber-Out of Sight: Painting and Perception in Fourteenth-Century Byzantium.
Jennifer M. Feltman-Charlemagne’s Sin, the Last Judgment, and the New Theology of Penance at Chartres.
Dalia-Ruth Halperin-The Sarajevo Haggadah Creation Cycle and the Nahmanides School of Theosophical-Kabbalah.
Jacopo Gnisci-The Dead Christ on the Cross in Ethiopian Art: Notes on the Iconography of The Crucifixion in Twelfth- to Fifteenth-Century Ethiopia.


Mark Cruse. Illuminating the “Roman d’Alexandre,” Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodley 264: The Manuscript as Monument. – by Elizabeth Moore Hunt

Roberta Milliken. Ambiguous Locks: An Iconology of Hair in Medieval Art and Literature. – by Karen Winstead

Sherry C.M. Lindquist, ed. The Meanings of Nudity in Medieval Art. – by Richard A. Leson

Christian Heck. Le “Ci nous dit”: L’Image medieval et la culture des laïcs au XIVe siècle; Les enluminures du manuscript de Chantilly. – by Mark Cruse

Katrin Kogman-Appel. A Mahzor from Worms: Art and Religion in a Medieval Jewish Community. – by Evelyn M. Cohen

Karen Eileen Overbey. Sacral Geographies, Saints, Shrines and Territory in Medieval Ireland. – by Paul Mullarkey

Meredith Parsons Lillich. The Gothic Stained Glass of Reims Cathedral. – by Sarah Brown

Charles Dempsey. The Early Renaissance and Vernacular Culture. – by Manu Radhakrishnan

Hélène Millet and Claudia Rabel. La Vierge au manteaux du Puy-en-Velay: Un chef-d’oeuvre méconnu du gothique international (vers 1400-1410). – by Elina Gertsman

Virginia Reinburg. French Books of Hours: Making an Archive of Prayer, c. 1400-1600. – by Margaret M. Manion

Kathryn A. Smith. The Taymouth Hours: Stories and the Construction of the Self in Late Medieval England. – by Margaret M. Manion

Warren T. Woodfin. The Embodied Icon: Liturgical Vestments and Sacramental Power in Byzantium. – by Henry Schilb

Therese Martin, ed. Reassessing the Roles of Women as ‘Makers’ of Medieval Art and Architecture. – by Fiona Griffiths

Donna Sadler. Reading the Reverse Façade of Reims Cathedral: Royalty and Ritual in Thirteenth-Century France. – by Meredith Cohen

Kathryn Kerby-Fulton, Maidie Hilmo, and Linda Olson. Opening Up Middle English Manuscripts: Literary and Visual Approaches. – by Don C. Skemer

Michelle A. Erhardt and Amy M. Morris, eds. Mary Magdalene: Iconographic Studies from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. – by Penny Howell Jolly

Max Seidel. Father and Son: Nicola and Giovanni Pisano. – by Anita Moskowitz

Alicia Walker. The Emperor and The World: Exotic Elements and the Imaging of Middle Byzantine Imperial Power, Ninth to Thirteenth Centuries C.E. – by Christina Maranci

Pamela A. Patton. Art of Estrangement: Redefining Jews in Reconquest Spain. – by Rose Walker

Kristin B. Aavitsland. Imagining the Human Condition in Medieval Rome: The Cistercian Fresco Cycle at Abbazia delle Tre Fontane. – by Serena Romano

Cynthia Hahn. Strange Beauty: Issues in the Making and Meaning of Reliquaries, 400-circa 1204. – by Carolyn M. Carty

Henry Maguire. Nectar and Illusion: Nature in Byzantine Art and Literature. – by Charles Barber

Goldene Pracht: Mittelalterliche Schatzkunst in Westfalen. Edited by Holger Kempkens, Hartmut Krohm, et al. – by Anne Heath

Lilla Kopár. Gods and Settlers: The Iconography of Norse Mythology in Anglo-Scandinavian Sculpture. – by Amy R. Miller

Timothy B. Smith and Judith B. Steinhoff, eds. Art as Politics in Late Medieval and Renaissance Siena. – by Matthew G. Shoaf

Eléonore Fournié. L’iconographie de la Bible historiale. – by Alison Stones

Christian Heck, ed. L’allégorie dans l’art du Moyen Âge: Formes et fonctions; Héritages, creations, mutations. – by Cordelia Warr

Federico Botana. The Works of Mercy in Italian Medieval Art (c. 1050 – c. 1400). – by Ivan Great

Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo. Palace of the Mind: The Cloister of Silos and Spanish Sculpture of the Twelfth Century. – by Jennifer S. Alexander

Rosenkränze und Seelengärten: Bildung und Frömmigkeit in niedersächsischen Frauenklöstern. Edited by Britta-Juliane Kruse. - by Corine Schleif


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