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Index of Christian Art
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Department of Art & Archaeology
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544-1018
Dr. Pamela A. Patton
Arts of medieval Iberia and the Mediterranean; multiculturalism and iconography; pictorial narrative and the image-text relationship; Jewish art
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Research Staff
Dr. Catherine Fernandez
Church treasuries and sumptuary arts; Romanesque sculpture; Medieval afterlife of antique gems; Spolia; Cross-cultural exchange in the medieval Mediterranean
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Dr. Judith Golden
English and French Gothic illuminated manuscripts; women as patrons, 13th & 14th centuries, England and France; and Hagiography
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Dr. Adelaide Bennett Hagens
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Jessica Savage, M.Litt, MLIS
Pilgrimage iconography, 14th & 15th centuries; Indexing and cataloguing historical books and their illuminations; Archival practice and theory; Digital art history information literacy
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Dr. Henry Schilb
Byzantine and post-Byzantine art; embroidery; liturgical textiles; historiography; “Byzantium after Byzantium” in Wallachia and Moldavia, and other instances of the reception and use of Byzantine culture; medievalism and neomedievalism
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Fiona Barrett
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John Blazejewski
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Manager, Information Technology
Jon Niola
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