Romanesque Art

The Index of Christian Art acquired a collection of nearly six thousand slides of medieval art and architecture from an anonymous Swiss donor (who can only be identified as Lillian and Robert) in 2010. The collection covers France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands. The collection has been digitized and is now available to scholars all over the world. In advance of the works being fully catalogued and incorporated into the Index of Christian Art proper it is made available here using a short format cataloguing structure. Although the images in this resource are relatively low resolution files, larger versions are available free of charge for publication.

These two travelers first met in 1957, and lived in the German part of Switzerland. As soon as their two daughters became independent they were free to pursue their own travels and studies – each with their own priorities: Liliane’s aims were to study Romanesque life and art in the University in Basel and Robert’s wishes were to improve his photographic skills. Thus it was that these two goals lead them to undertake many trips throughout Europe, all with the intention of visiting and becoming acquainted with monuments of Romanesque art which were duly photographed. It is with great pleasure that we make this resource available to general scholarship and acknowledge the help we received from Christine Ruegg and Janet Marquardt.

The images were scanned in the Index of Christian Art, manipulated, resized and catalogued by Michael Clifford and the database software was designed by Jon Niola. My thanks go to all involved.

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