Additional Resources

Over the last ten years the Index of Christian art has received many gifts of slides and photographs from colleagues who were keen to make them available to the wider scholarly community. In advance of actually adding them to the Index proper, which is a slow but ongoing process we have decided to make them available on the Internet. These database and resources are disparate in coverage and in many cases reflect the interests of the owners-ranging in coverage from the Classical to the neo-Classical and in media from the fresco to the misericord. Understandably there is a considerable interest on medieval material!

They have not been fully catalogued but are presented here using limited metadata in the hope that they will provide visual material that can be practically used by all. We have been fortunate in that a number of the owners have also generously agreed to make high resolution, publishable images available free of charge to those that need them and further details of these are given in the introductions to the individual sites. Special thanks to the owners of the collections for granting us permission to digitize and share these slides.

The Svetlana Tomekovic Database of Byzantine Art

Opus Anglicanum - The Evelyn Thomas Database of Medieval English Embroidery

The Jane Hayward Database of Medieval Art

The Lois Drewer Calendar of Saints in Byzantine Manuscripts and Frescos

The Tuck Langland Collection

The John Plummer Database of Medieval Manuscripts

The Christine Verzar Image Database

The Gabriel Millet Collection

The Elaine C. Block Database of Misericords

The Gertrude and Robert Metcalf Collection of Images of Stained Glass

Romanesque Database