October 25th-26th, 2013
Manuscripta Illuminata - Approaches to Understanding Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

Manuscripta Illuminata - Approaches to Understanding Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

Jonathan J. G. Alexander,
New York University, Emeritus

Book Illumination in Italy and the Rest of Europe: Commonality and Difference in the Fifteenth Century

Charles Barber,
Princeton University


Adelaide Bennett,
Princeton University

A Diminutive French Book of Hours of the Fourteenth Century

Walter Cahn,
Yale University, Emeritus

A Late Medieval Compendium of Ancient Wisdom: Guillaume de Tignonville's Dits moraux des philosophes

Marc Michael Epstein,
Vassar College

Thought Crimes: Implied Ensuing Motion in Manuscripts Made for Jewish Patrons

Anthony Grafton,
Princeton University

Manuscript Studies in the Renaissance

Colum Hourihane,
Princeton University

New Initiatives at the Index

Marilyn Aronberg Lavin,
Princeton, NJ

A New Allegory of Divine Love: The Netherlandish Blockbook Canticum Canticorum

Henry Mayr-Harting,
University of Oxford, Emeritus

Public Prayer and Implicit Private Meditation in Ottonian Liturgical Manuscripts, c. 1000 A.D

Michael Michael,
Christie’s Education, London

From Princeton to San Marino: a personal survey of English Gothic illuminated manuscripts in American collections

Elizabeth Moodey,
Vanderbilt University

Variations on Grisaille in a newly acquired Prayerbook (Princeton MS. 223)

Elizabeth O'Keefe,
The Morgan Library

The Index of Christian Art and The Morgan Library Collaboration

Stella Panayotova,
University of Cambridge

The Rohan Masters: Collaboration and Experiment in the Hours of Isabella Stuart

Virginia Reinburg,
Boston College

An Archive of Prayer: The Book of Hours in Manuscript and Print

Richard & Mary Rouse,
University of California, Los Angeles, Emeritus

Will Power: Manuscripts in Medieval Testaments

Lucy Freeman Sandler,
New York University, Emerita

Princeton Garrett MS 35 and Homeless English Gothic Manuscripts

Elizabeth Sears,
University of Michigan


Don C. Skemer,
Princeton University

Words Not Written in Stone: John Shirwood’s Verse Epitaph for a Canon of Exeter Cathedral, ca. 1462

Anne Rudloff Stanton,
University of Missouri

Design, Devotion, and Durability in Gothic Prayer Books

Patricia Stirnemann,
Institut de recherché et d’histoire de textes, Paris

Inquiries prompted by the Kane Suetonius (Kane 44)

Karin A. Trainer,
Princeton University Librarian

Concluding Remarks

Rowan Watson,
Victoria & Albert Museum, London