March 15th-16th, 2013
Maps & Diagrams in Medieval Art

Maps & Diagrams in Medieval Art

Benjamin Anderson,
Cornell University

How to Use the Zodiaque

Brigitte Buettner,
Smith College

Mapping Precious Stones

Michael Curschmann,
Princeton University


Martha Easton,
Seton Hall University


Evelyn Edson,
University of Kansas

Piedmont Virginia Community College, Emerita

Galia Halpern,
Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

Mapping Plenitude: John Mandeville's Indies and the Letter of Prester John

Colum Hourihane,
Princeton University


Joyce Kozloff,
Independent Artist

Conversation with Irving Sandler

Marcia Kupfer,
National Humanities Center, Allen W. Clowes Fellow

“The Content of the Form": Cartographic Representation and the Medieval Mappa Mundi

Megan McNamee,
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Predoctoral Fellow

Figurae, Formae, Picturae: A Study in Terms

Asa Mittman,
California State University, Chico

Here there be Jews: Mapping Monsters in the Middle Ages

Barbara Obrist,
CNRS / Université Paris Diderot

Medieval Cosmological Diagrams and (the Question of) Religious Motifs (7th-13th c.)

Irving Sandler,
State University of New York, Emeritus


Diarmuid Scully,
University College Cork

The Representation of Ireland on the Hereford Mappa Mundi: contexts and implications

Gulam Mohammed Sheikh,
Independent Artist

Conversation with Irving Sandler

Hanna Vorholt,
University of York

Composite Diagrams in Romanesque Art: the example of the Liber Floridus

Faith Wallis,
McGill University

What does a Medieval Diagram ‘show’? A case study of computus tables and schemata

John Williams,
University of Pittsburgh, Emeritus

The Beatus Maps: Charting from Scratch

Andrea Worm,
Universität Augsburg

Time as Space. Visual Conceptions of Salvation History