October 14th and 15th, 2011
Re-Defining Byzantium: Art and Thought in the Byzantine World

Michele Bacci,
University of Fribourg

““A Maniera Latina” in the Levant?”

Charles Barber,
University of Notre Dame

“Out of Sight: Painting and Perception in Fourteenth-Century Byzantium”

Leslie Brubaker,
University of Birmingham

“Matronage, Patronage and the Cult of the Virgin”

Gudrun Buehl,
Dumbarton Oaks

“The Staging of Byzantium: Some thoughts on Byzantine Exhibition Making”

Anastasia Drandaki,
Benaki Museum

“"A Maniera Greca": Content, Context and Transformation of a Term”

Helen Evans,
Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Artistic Relations-Connections, Disjunctions in the Arts of Byzantium and Islam”

Sharon Gerstel,
University of California, Los Angeles

“Byzantine Folk Art: A Monumental Perspective”

Colum Hourihane,
Princeton University


Ioli Kalavrezou,
Harvard University

“Looking Anew. Iconography Reconsidered”

Holger Klein,
Columbia University

“Materiality and the Sacred: Byzantine Reliquaries and the Rhetoric of Enshrinement”

Henry P. Maguire,
Johns Hopkins University

“Kurt Weitzmann and the Classical in Byzantine Art”

Georgi Parpulov,
Oxford University

“The Study of Byzantine Book Illumination: Past, Present, and Future”

Bissera Pentcheva,
Stanford University

“The Concept of Eikon in Constantinople and at Sinai”

Jelena Trkulja,
Princeton University

“Experiencing Faith: Byzantine Ecclesiastical Architecture Revisited”

Maria Vassilaki,
University of Thessaly

“Defining and Redefining the Case of the Artist in Byzantium”

Alicia Walker,
Bryn Mawr College

““The Art That Does Not Think”: Byzantine “Decorative Arts”, History and Limits of a Concept”