October 30th, 2009
Liminal Spaces - A Symposium in Honor of Pamela Sheingorn

Jonathan Alexander,
New York University

“Women and the Italian Renaissance Illuminated Manuscript”

Adelaide Bennett,
Princeton University

“Making Women Visible: Text and Image in French Books of Hours, 1220-1320”

Glenn Burger,
The Graduate Center, CUNY

“In Between Space and Place: The Bedchamber in Le Menagier de Paris and Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait”

Madeline Caviness,
Tufts University

“Performatives in Fourteenth-Century Depictions of Torture: The Conflict between Mandatory Sentencing and the Jurors’ Willingness to Find Guilty”

Robert L. Clark,
Kansas State University

“Liminality and Literary Genres: Texts par personnages in Late Medieval Manuscript Culture”

Susannah Crowder,
John Jay College, CUNY


Marilynn Desmond,
Binghamton University

“The Liminality of Visuality in Stephen Scrope's Translation of Christine de Pizan's Othea”

Rachel Dressler,
University at Albany, SUNY


Richard K. Emmerson,
Manhattan College

“Between Word and Image in The Apocalypse of Jean de Berry”

Elina Gertsman,
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Welcome and Opening Remarks, Closing Remarks, Moderator

Colum Hourihane,
Princeton University

Welcome and Opening Remarks, Moderator

Lucy Freeman Sandler,
New York University


Kathryn Smith,
New York University

“The Monk Who Crucified Himself”

Jill Stevenson,
Manhattan Marymount College

Welcome and Opening Remarks, Closing Remarks, Moderator