October 16th, 2008
Arts of the East ~ Byzantine Studies in Princeton

Nancy Sevcenko
Independent Scholar

Monastic Challenges: Manuscripts of the Heavenly Ladder of John Climacus in Princeton and on Patmos

Slobodan Curcic,
Princeton University

Representations of Towers in Byzantine Art. The Question of Meaning

Anthony Cutler,
Penn State University

Legal Iconicity: The Documentary Image, Sacred Space and the Work of the Beholder

Helen C. Evans,
Metropolitan Museum of Art

An Armenian Khatchkar: A Gospel in Stone?

Catherine Jolivet-Lévy, École Pratique des Hautes,
Études (Sorbonne)

Looking Again and Anew at Cappadocia: Bahattin samanligi kilisesi at Belisirma Revisited

Sofia Kotzabassi,
University of Thessaloniki

Manuscripts Speaking: the History of Readership and Ownership

Eunice and Henry Maguire,
Johns Hopkins University

Moslems, Christians, and Iconoclasm: Some Erasures from the Early Islamic Period

Robert Ousterhout,
University of Pennsylvania

Byzantium between East and West and the Origins of Heraldry

Don C. Skemer,
Princeton University

From Byzantium to Princeton: A Century of Collecting Greek Manuscripts

Linda Safran,
University of Toronto, President of Byzantine Studies Association of North America, Inc.


Gary Vikan,
The Walters Museum

When St. Luke Painted the Virgin -- Musing on Things Not Made by Human Hands