April 29th, 2006
Spanish Medieval Art: New Approaches and content_text

Rocío Sánchez Ameijeiras

From Canonical Reform to Franciscan Spirituality: On the Poetics of Castilian Gothic Sculpture

Manuel Castiñeiras

Catalan Romanesque Painting Re-Visited; The Altar-Frontal Workshops

James D’Emilio

Embellished Meanings, Meaningful Embellishment: Iconography and the Rural Church

Colum Hourihane,
Director, Index of Christian Art,
Princeton University


Therese Martin

Appropriating the Herioc in Twelfth-Century Palace Sculpture at Huesca and Estella

Pamela Patton

An Islamic Envelope-Flap Binding in the Cloister of Tudela: Another Muslim Connection for Iberian Jews?

Cynthia Robinson

Particular Passions: A First Foray into the Quantification of “Iberian Difference” in Devotional Imagery, 1390-1490 A.D.

Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo

Touch me, See me: Burial and Resurrection in the Cloister of Silos

Francisco Prado Vilar

Abraham’s Choice: The Performance of Sacrifice on the Frontier