April 8th and 9th, 2005
Interactions: Artistic Interchange between the Eastern and Western Worlds in the Medieval Period

Susan Auth,
Curator Emerita, The Newark Museum

An Intarsia Glass Panel of Thomas and the Cross: Egyptian and Roman Interaction in the Late Antique

Erica Cruikshank Dodd,
Emeritus Fellow at the Center for the Studies of Religion and Society,
University of Victoria

Sources from Outremer in the Development of Western Medieval Art

Lois Drewer,
Index of Christian Art, Princeton University

Demonstration of the Index of Christian Art Internet Database

Jaroslav Folda,
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Eurasian Artistic Contacts, 1250-1300: Crusaders, Mongols and Mamluks

Colum Hourihane,
Director, The Index of Christian Art, Princeton University

Introduction, and Moderator for Morning Session

Mat Immerzeel,
Paul van Moorsel Center, Leiden University

Oriental Saints and Crusader Banners. Evidence for Icon Painting in Tripoli of the 13th Century

Karel Innemee,
Paul van Moorsel Center, Leiden University

Looking East and West – Devotional Images in Private and Liturgical Context, Comparisons and Contrasts

Catherine Jolivet-Levy,
Université of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

A New Ivory Diptych and Two Related Pieces

Emmanuel Papoutsakis,
Princeton University

Moderator for the Afternoon Session

Michele Piccirillo,
Studium Biblicum Franciscanum

Mosaic Floors of Jordan: A Rich Classical Iconography from the Sixth to the Eighth Centuries

Elizabeth Bolman,
Temple University

Moderator for Afternoon Session

Annemarie Weyl Carr,
Southern Methodist University

Faiths and Forms in a Monastic Church on Cyprus: The Frescoes of St. Herakleidios, Kalopanagiotis

Anthony Cutler,
Penn State University

Marital Difficulties? Latin Text and Eastern Imagery in the Ottonian Heiratsurkunde at Wolfenbüttel

Marilyn Heldman,
University of Missouri – St. Louis

Innovation and East/West Exchange in Ethiopian Painting

Lucy-Anne Hunt,
Manchester Metropolitan University

Interconnections: An Aspect of Christian Art in Egypt between the 12th-14th Centuries

Adeline Jeudy,
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Coptic Liturgical Furniture in its Medieval Context: The Iconography of Woodcarvings

Irma Karaulashvili,
Princeton University

The Abgar Legend Illustrated: Interrelation of the Narrative Cycles and Iconography in the Byzantine, Georgian, and Latin Traditions

Erik Thunø,
Rutgers University

Moderator, Morning Session

Gertrud Van Loon,
Leiden University

The Virgin Mary and the Midwife Salomé. The so-called Nativity-scene in the Monastery of Apa Apollo in Bawit (Chapel LI)

The proceedings from this conference have been published and this volume is available for purchase from the Penn State University Press or directly from the Index of Christian Art (rdunham@princeton.edu.)