March 23rd and 24th, 2001
Objects, Images and the Word: Art in the Service of Liturgy

Adelaide Bennett,
Princeton University

Commemoration of Saints: From Public Liturgy to Private Devotion

Elaine Block,
Misericordia International

Liturgical and Anti-Liturgical Elements in Medieval Choir Stalls

Victoria Ciresi,
Rutgers University

A Liturgical Study of the Dreikönigenschrein

Michael Curschmann,
Princeton University

Heroic Legend and Scriptural Message: The case of St. Michael in Altenstadt

William Diebold,
Reed College

Typology and Theology in an Ottonian Diptych

Julian Gardner,
University of Warwick

The Late-Medieval Italian Altar: Texts, Contexts, Sub-text

Dorothy Glass,
University of Buffalo

Tuscan Pulpits, Context and Content

Colum Hourihane,
Director, Index of Christian Art,
Princeton University

Introduction and Welcome

Alyce Jordan,
Northern Arizona University

Stained Glass and the Liturgy: Performing Sacral Kingship in Capetian France

Peter Lasko,
Courtauld Institute of Art

Roger of Helmarshausen, Life, Style and Iconography

Carol Neuman de Vegvar,
Ohio Weslyan University

A Feast to the Lord: Drinking Horns, the Church and the Liturgy

Harriet Sonne
University of Toronto

‘De Fontibus Salvatoris’: Baptism and Representation of the Childhood of Christ

Roger Wieck,
Morgan Library

The Death Desired: Books of Hours and the Medieval Funeral

Beth Williamson,
University of Bristol

Altarpieces, Images and Liturgy

John Lowden,
Courauld Institute of Art

Illustrated Books and the Liturgy

Miguel de Torrens,
University of Toronto

Demonstration of Baptisteria Sacra Database

Elizabeth Teviotdale,
Getty Museum

The Pictorial Program of the Stammheim Missal

Moderators - Al Acres, Princeton University; William Chester Jordan, Princeton University; Catherine McKenna, City University of New York; Elizabeth Parker McLachlan, Rutgers University

The proceedings from this conference have been published and this volume is available for purchase from the Princeton University Press