March 5th and 6th, 1999
From Ireland Coming: Irish Art from the Early Christian to the Late Gothic Periods and it's Context within Europe

Cormac Bourke,
Ulster Museum, Belfast

The Book of Kells: New Light on the Temptation Scene

Mildred Budny,
Research Group on Manuscript Evidence

Deciphering the Art of Interlace

Tessa Garton,
College of Charleston, South Carolina

Masks and Monsters: Some Recurring Themes in Irish Romanesque Sculpture

Peter Harbison, Royal Irish Academy

The Otherness of Irish Art in the Twelfth Century

Jane Hawkes,
University of York

An Iconography of Identity? The Cross-Head from Mayo Abbey

Colum Hourihane,
Princeton University
Index of Christian Art

De Camino Ignis: The Iconography of the Three Children in the Fiery Furnace in Ninth-Century Ireland

Catherine Karkov,
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Sheela-na-gigs and Other Unruly Women: Images of Land and Gender in Medieval Ireland

Heather King,
Duchas-Irish Heritage Service, Dublin

Late Medieval Crosses and Their European Background

Susanne McNab,
National College of Art and Design, Dublin

Celtic Antecedents to the Treatment of the Human Figure in Early Irish Art

Pippin Michelli,
St. Olaf College, Minnesota

St. Genevra and St. Bridgid

Raighnall Ó Floinn,
National Museum of Ireland

Goldsmiths’ Work in Ireland, 1200-1400

Emmanuelle Pirotte,
Universite Libre de Bruxelles

Ornament and Script in Early Medieval Insular and Continental Manuscripts: Reasons, Functions, Efficiency

Roger Stalley,
Trinity College, Dublin

Sex, Symbol, and Myth: Some Observations on the Irish Round Towers

Kees Veelenturf,
Catholic University, Nijmegen

Irish High Crosses and Continental Art: Shades of Iconographical Ambiguity

Dorothy Verkerk,
University of North Carolina

Pilgrimage ad Liminia Apostolorum in Rome: Irish Crosses and Early Christian Sarcophagi

Niamh Whitfield,
Independent Scholar

The Tara’ Brooch: An Irish Emblem of Status in Its European Context

Maggie McEnchroe Williams,
Columbia University, New York

Constructing the Market Cross at Tuam: The Role of Cultural Patriotism in the Study of Irish High Crosses

Susan Youngs,
British Museum

‘From Ireland Coming’: Fine Irish Metalwork for the Medway, Kent, England

Moderators – John Fleming, Princeton University; Catherine McKenna, City University of New York; Elizabeth McLachlan, Rutgers University; Michael Curschmann, Princeton University; and Pamela Sheingorn, Baruch College

The proceedings from this conference have been published and this volume is available for purchase from the Princeton University Press