March 23rd and 24th, 1990
Iconography at the Crossroads

Margaret Bent,
Princeton University,
Department of Music

Joint Chairman Session IV

Howard Mayer Brown,
University of Chicago,
Department of Music

Manuscript Illustrations of the Romances and the Performance of the Fifteenth-Century “Chanson”

Brendan Cassidy,
Princeton University,
Index of Christian Art

Introduction, Session I Chairman, and Joint Chairman Session IV

Michael Camille,
University of Chicago,
Department of Art History

Towards an Anti-iconography: Orality and Medieval Image Culture

Slobodan Curcic,
Princeton University,
Department of Art and Archaeology

Session II Chairman

John V. Fleming,
Princeton University,
Department of English

Marian Iconography and the Imagination of Christopher Columbus

Craig Harbison,
University of Massachusetts at Amherst,
Department of Art History

Miracles Happen: Symbolism and Experience in Jan Van Eyck’s “Madonna in a Church”

Michael Ann Holly, University of Rochester,
Department of Art and Art History

Unwriting Iconology

William C. Jordan,
Princeton University,
Medieval Studies Committee

Session III Chairman

Wolfgang Kemp,
Kunstgeschichtliches Institut

Narrative, Thematic, Systematic: Three Modes of Christian Art in the Middle Ages

Herbert Kessler,
Johns Hopkins University,
Department of History of Art

Medieval Art as Argument

Joseph Koerner,
Harvard University,
Fine Arts Department

“Homo interpres in bivio”: Choice in Hans Baldung Grien and Lucas Cranach

V. A. Kolve,
University of California at Los Angeles,
Department of English

Christine de Pisan and the Iconography of Feminist Empowerment

Marilyn Aronberg Lavin,
Princeton University,
Department of Art and Archaeology

Piero della Francesca’s Iconographic Innovations to the Story of the True Cross

Henry Maguire,
University of Illinois,
School of Art and Design

Byzantine Saints: Style, Iconography & Meaning

Doula Mouriki,
Technical University of Athens,
Department of Art History

Thirteenth-Century Icon Painting in the Eastern Mediterranean: Iconography and Function

Keith Moxey,
Barnard College, Columbia University,
Department of Art History

The Politics of Iconography

Ynez Violé O’Neill,
University of California at Los Angeles,
Department of Anatomy

Diagrams of the Medieval Brain: a Study in Cerebral Localization

H. Colin Slim,
University of California at Irvine,
Department of Music

Images of Music in Three Prints after Maaren van Heemskerck

Richard C. Trexler,
State University of New York at Binghamton,
Department of History

Gendering Jesus Crucified in Early Modern Europe

The proceedings from this conference have been published, but the book is currently out of print.