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Dädesjö Church
Medieval Christian art in Sweden. Copyright Lars-Olof Albertson
Medieval diocese: Växjö
Province: Småland
Municipality: Växjö
13th century
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In 1778 the parish council in Dädesjö decided to build a new church as the old medieval church was too small and use the stone from the old church to the new one. When the farmers had pulled down the apse and the choir they found out that the old church was suitable for keeping corn and the nave of the church was preserved.
In 1905 professor Otto Rydbeck from Lund University inspected the old magazine and found the medieval church. The church was classified as a unique and valuable historic monument and taken into ownership of the Swedish National Heritage Board to preserve the building and prevent further decay.

The walls and the wooden ceiling are covered by paintings from the end of the 13th century signed by Sigmund. The paintings in the triumphal arc and on the ceiling are in a good condition but the painting on the walls are fragmented. In the ceiling are the motifs from the story from the childhood of Christ and the walls the passion of Christ and the last judgement.

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