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Östra Vram Church
Medieval Christian art in Sweden. Copyright Lars-Olof Albertson
Medieval diocese: Lund
Province: Skåne
Municipality: Kristianstad
2nd half of 12th century
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Östra Vram church was constructed at end of the 12th century in typical Romanesque style with apsis, choir and nave. In13th or 14th century che church was enlarged with a broad west tower. At end of the 15th century the nave was vaulted and a porch was built in front of the south entrance.
The porch was removed at end of the 19th century and the entrance moved to the west front of the church.
The church have late Romanesque paintings, but most of the paintings are almost entirely obliterated. In the apsis is possible to recognize Christ in Majesty with the Virgin and a row of apostles. On the triumph wall is some remainings from the last judgment and on the choir wall some unidentified scenes.
The church has two medieval altarpieces one with The Virgin and child and one with St. Olaf. The church has also a unique crucifix, a volto santo crucifix from the first half of the 15th century although in Romanesque style.

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