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Ysane Church
Medieval Christian art in Sweden. Copyright Lars-Olof Albertson
Medieval diocese: Lund
Province: Blekinge
Municipality: Sölvesborg
around 1300
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Ysane church is situated some kilometers north east of Sölvesborg. The church with its large windows seems to be build in modern time, but the eastern part of the church was constructed around 1300. In 1777 the church was reconstructed and extended in the west. The tower was build in 1862. In the end of the 19th century the vaults in the nave were in a very bad condition and were replaced with a barrel vault. In 1931 some murals were found in the choir vault. In 1938 the murals was renovated.
The murals in Ysane are unique as the are signed both with the artists name and year. The latin inscription says:
Anno Domine Mi[lles]imo qudringentesimo quinguagesimo ix ie assumpcionis [sanc]tae marie virginis haec pictura completa fuit per manus nicholai haquini orate pro ipsc
“The year after the Lord Christ 1459 on the day of the holy Virgin Mary´s ascension this paintings were completed by hand of Nicolai Haquini (in Swedish Nils Håkansson). Pray for him.
The murals of Nils Håkanson belongs to the Villskövle workshop which has painted a large number of churches mostly in the northwestern part of Skåne. The figures of the the Vittskövle group are broad and thickset, the faces are large and the foreheads high, cheekbones are are wide and hair is swept back to reveal the ears. Costumes often have abundant fabric with outer clothes falling broadly in rich folds around the body. Mostly of the motives are framed by roundels.

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