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Gökhem Church
Medieval Christian art in Sweden. Copyright Lars-Olof Albertson
Medieval diocese: Skara
Province: Västergötland
Municipality: Falköping
12th century
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The church was constructed as a Romanesque church with apses, choir and nave. The church was prebendary's benefice to a monk or a canon from Skara. A reconstruction was done in the beginning of 14th century and the walls of the choir were higher. In the end of the 14th century the church was added a port in the west side. In 1485 the church was vaulted and Anund painted the church two years later. In the apses some fragments of the throne of grace can be seen within a quatrefoil. The paintings in the vaults are in good condition but most of the paintings on the walls are fragmentary.
Viola Härnfjäll, Medeltida kyrkomålningar i gamla Skara stift. Skara 1993