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Vittskövle Church
Medieval Christian art in Sweden. Copyright Lars-Olof Albertson
Medieval diocese: Lund
Province: Skåne
Municipality: Kristianstad
c 1200
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The Romanesque church was built around 1200 with apses, choir and nave. The later paintings in the choir might indicate that the church was devoted to St Nicolas. In the 14th century was built a castle in the near of the church - the Vittskövle Castle. In 1420 the owner of the castle, Axel Brahe, pulled down the north wall of the nave and built a chapel to St. Anna. It was constructed with beautiful stellar vaults.
In the end of the 14th century the whole church was vaulted and the vaults were painted by a workshop now named after the church - Vittskövle workshop or Vittskövle master.
The paintings were uncovered in 1899 and heavily repainted in the style of Vittskövle workshop.
In the choir vault there is a painting of St Nicolas. It is supposed that this is a part of the Nicolas legend, which is not preserved. The vaults in the nave have 12 scenes from the creation and the fall. In the chapel of St Anna there are symbols of the evangelists and some female saints.
The Vittskövle workshop has painted c 20 churches, most of them in the northeast part of Skåne.

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