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Västra Vemmerlöv Church
Medieval Christian art in Sweden. Copyright Lars-Olof Albertson
Medieval diocese: Lund
Province: Skåne
Municipality: Trelleborg
End of 12th century
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The church in Västra Vemmerlöv, which means West Wemmerlöv, was built during the second half of 12th century. The church was built in Romanesque stile with apses, choir, nave and in west a tower of same breadth as the nave. The baptismal font is from end of 12th century and is decorated with lions.
The apse was pulled down during the medieval time and replaced by a straight wall. In the 14th century the choir and the tower room was vaulted but not the nave. The flat ceiling in the nave was replaced in the middle of the 19th century by a barrel vault.
In the end of the 15th century the church was painted by the Lilla Harrie Workshop. The paintings were covered with white colour in the 18th century and restored in 1949-50. Today the paintings can be seen in the choir vaults, in front part of the nave and in the tower room vault. Some remaining colours were also found in other part of the nave, which means that probably the whole church was painted.
A picture of Christ as judge dominates the east severy of the choir vault and in the other severies are six apostles. In the triumph arc some remaining paintings from 13th century can be seen. On the east wall in the nave there are pictures with the harrowing of hell and the last supper. In the tower room vaults are motives from stories about animals and the devil that helped the woman to make butter.

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