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Brönnestad Church
Medieval Christian art in Sweden. Copyright Lars-Olof Albertson
Medieval diocese: Lund
Province: Skåne
Municipality: Hässleholm
12th century
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Brönnestad is situated in the north part of Skåne about 70 kilometres north of Lund. The church was built in 12th century and had from beginning an apses, a choir and a nave. In the 18th century the apses was taken down and replaced with a straight wall.

In the beginning of 15th century vaults were constructed in the choir and the nave. Around 1420 the vaults were painted. Sometimes, probably during the 18th century the vaults were painted white and the remained so until 1980 when they were restored. The paintings were very unique and the stile was found neither in Skåne nor in Denmark. They are painted with very beautiful contour form more like central European tradition.

The church is devoted to St Mary and she dominates the church. In the choir vaults she and the child have the central place surrounded by other saints, male and female. In the west vault the paintings tell us about St Mary’s joy, from the annunciation to the small family scene, where St Mary is sitting and working on the cloth Jesus, according to the legend, would bear from childhood to his death. In the same scene St Joseph is teaching Jesus to walk with help of a walking chair. The middle vault tells as about Mary’s sorrow, when she followed her son to the cross and the pictures culminate when Mary laid Jesus in the grave.