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Vä Church
Medieval Christian art in Sweden. Copyright Lars-Olof Albertson
Medieval diocese: Lund
Province: Skåne
Municipality: Kristianstad
c 1130
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Vä church belongs to the oldest stone churches in Lund diocese. A piece of parchment was found in the altar with the year 1121, which is supposed to be the year the church was consecrated. Donator and patron of the church was the king of Denmark. Around 1160 the church was donated to the Premonstratensian Order, which build a monastery in connection to the church. The donors of the monastery were King Valdemar I and his queen Sofia.
Vä church is well known for its Romanesque murals in the apses and the choir. The arc between the apses and choir with its ornamental bas-reliefs is also unique. It supposed to have some connections to stone masters who were building the cathedral in Lund.
The Romanesque paintings are dated to around 1130.
The motif in the hemispherical vault of apses is Majestas Domini. The motif was very common. In Skåne there are 42 churches, which have or have had the same motif.
Christ is sitting on the bow surrounded by mandorla and the symbols of the four evangelists; each of them has six wings.
On the semicircular wall in apses there are angels (to left St Michael) and apostles, most of images were destroyed when two new windows were added during late medieval time.
The choir has a barrel vault built with stone. The paintings in the vault consist of 24 circles with angels, prophets and saints holding bands with the text from Te Deum.
On each side of the arc there are a paintings of the donors. On the east side of triumphal wall there is a row of apostles on the top.
On the west wall of the nave there are some indistinct remainings of paintings from a later period.

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