The Lars-Olof Albertson Database of Swedish Art

Lars-Olof AlbertsonIt gives me great pleasure to add yet another resource to the Index of Christian Art databases that we can now make available to the world of scholarship. It is an addition that ties in beautifully with one of our existing databases –that on Danish Wall Paintings. It extends our coverage of medieval Scandinavia with its focus on Swedish Wall Paintings. The Database is the Lars-Olof Albertson Database of Swedish Wall Paintings and was created-as the name implies by Lars-Olof Albertson who sadly died on Christmas eve of 2012-justa few weeks after transferring this site to Princeton University.

Lars-Olof was born in 1936 in southern Sweden. His parents and grandparents belonged to the evangelical Lutheran movement. Both his grandfather and grandfather's father were lay preachers. His father was a Sunday school teacher and daily Bible reading was a part of his upbringing. He studied theology at Lund University from where he received a Master of Divinity. Throughout his career he has taken courses in art history and photography. He worked as director for study counseling at Lund University. Prior to retiring he spent three years as internal IT consultant within the university administration.

After retiring in 1998, he devoted much of his life to Medieval Christian imagery and its iconography in particular. He photographed widely throughout his home territory and the result is the database which you now see here. The works catalogued include murals, baptismal fonts, crucifixes and altarpieces which are available in software which he developed himself. Most of the photos were taken in high resolution and are available for scholarly use free of charge. The images in the database are low resolution. Lars-Olof was still working on the database prior to his death in 2012.

He was a popular speaker and spoke widely on many art historical subjects amongst which are four medieval fresco painters – The Risinge Master, Johannes Iwan, Johannes Rosenrod and Albertus Pictor. He also guided trips to Ravenna and the Moldovan monasteries in Romania, to cathedrals in France, Germany and England and many local tours to medieval churches in Sweden and Denmark.

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