Medieval Christian Art
in Sweden

Tryde Church 
Province: Skåne
Medieval diocese: Lund
Municipality: Tomelilla
Place in church
Baptismal fonts
Baptismal font
Christ in majesty

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The font is made by sandstone. Height 91 cm and the diameter of the cup is 64 cm. The cup has four consoles which carries four almost free sculptured couples. Between the consoles are four picture fields. The foot has four heads - one lion, two animals and the head of a woman with long hair and two picture fields and one ornamental field. This side shows a picture field with "Majestas Domini" - Christ in Majesty.
From this baptismal font the stone master is named "The Tryde master". Earlier he also was named "Majestatis" as all his fonts have "Majestas Domini" as central motif. The baptismal fonts in Löderup and Östra Hoby are considered as production of the same artist.
The first interpretation of the three other images was made by Johnny Rooswal (1917) as a situation in the life of the polish Stanislaw, who was a bishop in Krakow around 1070. He had bought a farm by the nobleman Petrowin but he had no document which could prove his ownership. Petrowin's heirs laid claim to the property. To prove his right Stanislaw raised Petrowin from the deth and brought him to the court. Torkel Eriksson (1968) had interpreted the pictures as the story of the middleeuropean Saint Fridolin in a situation which was the same as in the legend about Stanislaw. Jan Svanberg (1995) don't agree with Eriksson as Eriksson has no explanation to two of the images. His opinion is that the Roosalls interpretation is more credible as all three images are interpreted.

Tryde master
12th century, 4 quarter

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