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Solomon and the queen of Sheba

The adoration of the magi

The Massacre of the innocents
The miracle of the cornfield

The flight into Egypt

The anointing of Christ’s feet by a sinful woman in the house of Simon

St. Erasmus

The bearing of cross


Marcolf's wife

Mass of St. Gregor

The flagelation

St. Dorothy

St. Barbara

St. Margaret of Antioch

St. Catherine of Alexandria

St. Andrew

St. Olaf

The folish maiden

The deposition

St. Mary
St. Mary Magdalene

St. John
Jewish men

St. Anne with the Virgin and child
St. Andrew

St. Erasmus

St. Gertrude of Nivelles

St. Lawrence

St. Agnes

St. John the Baptist

St. Clara

St. Botvid

St. Henrik

St. Bridget of Sweden